In Memory of
Christopher Silva


Wine Studies Program
Santa Rosa Junior College

“Bigger than life, with a heart of pure gold, the best dad in the world.”

— Sydney Silva,
Christopher’s daughter

“…Who was this outside industry guy anyway? How would he know enough about us to help put on an ambitious event? WHY was he stepping up to help? After our first meeting all of my doubts and reservations were put to rest, Chris was the real deal. Always the eternal optimist, he wanted to support SRJC Hospitality in much the same way he had managed to support his alma mater, Loyola Marymount, with the Loyola Wine Classic…”

— Jim Cason,
Chef/Instructor, Culinary Program Coordinator, Department Chair

“Live everyday is obviously not a cliché, yet it somehow slips away. I am determined to honor Chris by embracing the gift of life just as he did: Help others. Work hard and play hard. Thank the workers. Go big or go home. Plank until you can’t plank anymore. Frequent the old school Italian joints. Drink the best wine. Be a good and loyal friend even when it’s not convenient. Love your children. Tighten your grip when the going gets tough.

And I’m going to say ‘what the hell’ a heck of a lot more.”

— Marcy Carriker Smothers